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I can't see pv-log.gr

Check that you have an Internet connection by typing another address into your browser. Make sure you enter our address correctly.

Can't connect to Panel

Check your details. If possible, copy and paste them into the special fields to make sure they are filled in correctly. Check that you have an active subscription. Subscriptions are annual and upon expiry, you do not have access to the system.

I do not see the current data for my installation

Make sure the sun is up. Check the internet connection of your installation. Check the News / Announcements of our site for any updates. Check your inverter for normal operation. Note that the data is sent every 10 minutes. If a 10 minute delay is not sent, this will be the next one, along with the new data.

An error occurs in my inverter

These errors are code specific to this type and you should refer to the inverter Manual. If necessary, contact your installer, or your construction company.

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