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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compatible with my P/V?

Is it suitable for my photovoltaic system?

As long as your inverters are compatible and you have an internet connection, yes. See compatible inverters at the menu page.

How will I pay?

How are annual package payments made? All payments are made in advance, before the start of the annual telemetry after 30 days of free use. To pay the subscription, you can deposit / transfer to our bank account.

IBAN National Bank of Greece: GR57 0110 3300 0000 330 440 65168

Are you in Greece?

Where is your company headquarters?

Yes, PVLOG is a purely Greek company and the telemetry sofware it uses is proprietary, without paying royalties to third parties. We are at the beginning of our operation and wish you well with us on our upward course and will do our best to reward you for your choice.

Will I get an invoice?

How do I get a receipt or invoice?

All packages are paid online and an invoice or receipt is sent (depending on what you state in your order) by email. The document will have no code or any markings, but only our details. It is a valid undocumented document. You print it and it's ready for tax use.

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