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Personal Data Collection

The user may visit this website consisting of several websites maintained and managed by PV-LOG, without revealing his identity and without providing any personal information. Network servers collect visitor protocol web addresses. The data collected does not serve to identify users, but is used to count the number of visits, the average stay on the site, the pages viewed, etc.

However, there are sections on this Website where it may be necessary to enter and collect and process the User's personal data for specific purposes, as described below. This information is collected using electronic registration forms and each time the user sends an e-mail or mail with their personal information. The information to be collected may include the name, address, telephone and fax number or e-mail address of the user. Under no circumstances shall sensitive data be collected and processed. It is not mandatory to provide any extras that are not necessary or reasonable to request in order to provide the services requested by the user. the user's phone and fax number or e-mail address. Under no circumstances shall sensitive data be collected and processed. It is not mandatory to provide any extras that are not necessary or reasonable to request in order to provide the services requested by the user.

PV-LOG is committed to respecting the privacy of all visitors to www.pv-log.gr and to protecting the personal data you may provide to us. In particular, we consider it important that you know how our personal data is treated and may be obtained through this website, as well as the data processing practices we use through the use of the Internet and other electronic communications networks. The user is invited to read this Privacy and Privacy Policy in order to understand how to use and protect the information provided or how to use and protect it in the future.

The registration of user data for the provision of services through this web site implies the consent of the user to collect, use and transmit his personal information under the terms of this privacy policy. The user, however, will be required to expressly consent to any such action.

Use of Personal Data

PV-LOG fully complies with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 on the protection of personal data and has made the necessary disclosures to the Data Protection Authority.

The processing of users' personal data by PV-LOG is carried out with the information and with the consent of the user.

Purpose of Processing of Personal Data

The purpose of PV-LOG's processing of users' personal data is to enable users to create personal pages and use the features provided through them.

In addition, personal data is collected for the purpose of subscribing to the electronic newsletter service, responding to users' queries or processing their requests for personal information, providing and personalizing our services, and managing subscription records in services.


If the user is less than 18 years of age it is presumed that he / she has obtained the necessary consent from the parent (s) concerned and thus the network servers may collect their personal information under the conditions set out above. PV-LOG is not responsible for unauthorized use by minors.

Disclosure of Personal Data

The personal data provided by users will remain on the server of www.pv-log.gr in Greece. PV-LOG may disclose this data to its personnel working within Greece who, under an agreement, process the data on behalf of PV-LOG, and who act on behalf of PV-LOG for the purposes set forth in this applicable law. privacy policy or for compliance with its legal obligations or for other purposes to which users expressly consent. All of the above recipients agree and undertake to use the personal data of users in accordance with these terms and for the purposes contained therein.

Countries outside the European Economic Area do not always have strong data protection laws. However, PV-LOG guarantees that it will always take steps to ensure that your data is used by third parties in accordance with this policy and take the necessary measures to ensure a satisfactory level of protection of your data in these countries. Unless expressly required by law, PV-LOG will not otherwise disclose, sell or disclose any information provided by the user without its prior knowledge and consent.

In addition, PV-LOG reserves the right to disclose personal information provided by users to third parties other than as set forth above only in the following cases:

(a) in order to comply with the requirements of law, judicial decisions or administrative authorities;

(b) to act under urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of its users, its sites or the public.

Privacy and Security of Processing of Personal Data

PV-LOG is committed to protecting the personal data and data provided by users. To this end, it has taken the necessary technical security and organization measures to process users' personal data. The personal information collected is stored on password-controlled restricted access servers, and PV-LOG uses specific technologies and procedures and takes strict material, electronic and administrative security measures to enhance the protection of this information against loss or misuse as well as to protect them from unauthorized access, notification, modification or destruction.

PV-LOG will retain possession of user information for a reasonable period of time or for as long as required by law.

Information, access and objection rights

Users of PV-LOG Websites have the right to be informed whether their personal data is processed by PV-LOG and / or to object to the processing of their personal data and in particular to request correction. , temporary non-use, freezing, non-transmission or even deletion. The request must be in writing and relate to a specific request and / or action, should be sent to the address listed below under "Contact" or emailed to info@pv-log.gr accompanied by proof of identity of the applicants, as well as proof of payment of the amount set out in the Decisions of the Data Protection Authority. PV-LOG is required by law to respond in writing within a time limit of fifteen (15) days from receipt of the request. Under current law, we are entitled to charge a low administrative fee to cover the cost of providing you with the information we hold about you.

DPOC privacy notice

We take this opportunity to thank you here for your inquiry. Please note that when you disclose your personal information, PV-LOG will treat it with full respect for your privacy and will always retain the right of access to your personal data.


In order for the user to exercise the rights of information, access and objection (articles 11.12 and 13 respectively of Law 2472/1997), he can contact the responsible controller of PV-LOG: Human Resources Department e-mail: info @ pv-log.gr)

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