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PVLOG Telemetry

PVLOG enables photovoltaic facility owners to monitor installation activity at any time via the Internet.

The installation sends the data of the inverters to us, and we configure it to be efficient in processing, sorting and visualizing it on an online platform.

Once connected, you can view your data from any device that has an internet brower.

Measuring energy efficiency is the parameter of a system, as it depends on the efficiency of the electricity supply. Supervising metrics is your confirmation that everything is working properly, how to improve it, and cross-checking with the company that receives the energy.

Benefits of PVLOG telemetry

Using the PVLOG telemetry system with your photovoltaic system, you have the following benefits:

  • Functionality control. You are aware at all times that energy production is ongoing and meets your expectations
  • Damage control. It tells you if an issue has prevented proper operation, thereby reducing output. You will therefore move quickly and with an initial assessment of what you need to do to address the problem immediately before you even get there.
  • Performance comparison. You can compare yields between days or between installations and make any unjustified changes. Eg your panels need cleaning.
  • Organizing and planning revenue. This way you know what expected day / month / year return financial benefits will be.
  • Verify your performance data with the company purchasing the energy from you.
  • Avoid site visits for inverter control (operation, performance, connectivity, etc.).